We are taking the lead in introducing ethical practices to ensure the diamond industry is running in an ethical and professional way.

We are committed to abiding by these principles and are making it a condition of supplying all clients that they too agree to comply with them. Moreover the principles are formulated to ensure that our customers encourage adherence to them at all levels of the supply chain down to the consumer. We will also encourage industry organizations in the major diamond cutting center’s to adopt these principles.

The implementation and monitoring of these Best Practice Principles will ensure consumers buying will be able to rely with confidence on the ethical standards of the industry.

  • Natural diamonds are objects of prestige, a luxury good, generally acquired for sentimental reasons and are regarded as items of value by the consumer.
  • Diamonds are a unique in nature and the consumer has limited expertise and consequently, in order to make an informed choice. However we assure that every diamond which is part of our jewellery is passed through the stringent test with the latest technology available at that time and we also keep updating our technology time to time.
  • We assure that we select the best of best diamonds for your jewellery so that exquisiteness is well expressed in your jewellery.
  • The highest professional and ethical standards and technical skills are necessary to ensure that consumer trust is not misplaced and that the reputation of the gem & diamond industry is maintained and enhanced.
  • Consumers expect to purchase diamonds in their natural state, without any treatment, beyond the accepted skills of craftsmanship associated with their cutting and polishing and therefore the danger of non-disclosure of treatment of natural diamonds, and the passing off of partly or wholly synthetic diamonds and simulants as natural diamonds, is contrary to the interests of consumers.
  • We strictly prohibit the use of child labour.
  • The provision of proper working conditions (including the health, safety and well-being of workers) are well maintained.
  • The dignity of individuals and best practices to ensure the fair treatment of individuals.