20+ Years Of Experience In Jewelry Manufacturing Industry

Mani Jewel was established in 2003 as a Manufacturer and a Wholesaler.

--- About Us ---

We Build Creative Jewellery, We Bring Ideas Home

We symbolize a unique and exclusive jewelry collection with specialization in authentic & traditional.

 We select jewelers with decades of experience and dedication to ensure that no detail is overlooked in the crafting of your jewelry. 

We exclusively work with hand-selected gemstones. Every Gemstone is individually inspected to ensure it meets our quality standards. Only the best of the world’s diamonds meet our standards of quality and pure sourcing.

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The Perfect Jewelry For Every Occasion!

We understand that a piece of Jewelry speaks volumes. Every occasion is celebrated when it is paired with a piece of perfect and suitable jewelry.
Experience luxurious, authentic, and world-class diamond jewelry with us!

True Beauty is within you!
Explore with us.

We dominate on our consistent efforts to improve the quality of business. We ensure transparent business practices and work with ethical values.

Exquisite Design Inspiration for our Craftsmen

After conceptualizing and sketching a design, it is often rendered as a computer model. Finally, the pieces are brought to life by our master jewelers, who employ both traditional artistry and the latest production techniques to create pieces worthy of your once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Our inspiration takes hold when our designers put pencil to paper and sketch potential designs. They make sure that their vision can be translated for the real world. Not just artistry but jewelry design is also architectured and engineered which plays an important role on the minuscule scale. The abundance experience of our craftsmen is the key that makes our every piece phenomenal.


Our prestigious clientele is happy and contented with our services. View the visual proof of words shared by them.

"I still remember that I wanted to start a Jewellery store and at that time Mani Jewel was also new to the manufacturing market. We both were transiting in the new phase. I showed trust in them and they maintained it. To this day, if diamond Jewellery is in my store, it is from Mani Jewel only. "
Ramakant Mudra
"I remember the days when I wanted to launch my retail store of Jewellery. I went to Mani Jewel seeking diamond jewellery. I was doubtful about its authenticity at first but when I checked it by myself, I understood that they are fully transparent about the quality and authenticity of their pieces. To this day I am buying Diamond Jewellery only From Mani Jewel. "
Nelson John
"I have owned my Jewelry stores for generations. My elder generations bought the pieces from varied manufacturers and we mostly faced the authenticity issue. But as we tried Mani Jewel, we understood how they stand apart from others. We have maintained our relationship with Mani Jewel as our customers are also loving transparency. "
Vaibhav Bane